BIT_ADDR_CH_ERR_INT - base address switching Change Err.

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BIT_ADDR_CH_ERR_INT - base address switching Change Err.

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Hi ,

I am using the kernel 4.14.78 and i am interfacing AR1335 based camera to IMX8M based board.

After interfacing,i got the proper streaming and everything went smooth, but not all time.

After rebooting ,some times i didn't get the streaming. while debugging it, i came to know that "BIT_ADDR_CH_ERR_INT" has been set on the CSI bridge and it was cleared only after the reboot/poweroff.

1)Please,Can someone tell, why this error set?

2)is there any work around to solve this problem?

Thanks in Advance

Malik Bathusha

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Unfortunately, I will not be able to assist you, since the camera that is supported by our BSP is the OV5640 and I do not have a way to test the camera that you are using. The problem can be due to several things, I recommend you to review the I2C signal,  to see if you are not losing the communication at some point. However, I cannot guarantee you anything. I recommend you to go with NXP professional services, they will help you to solve your problem. 

Professional Engineering Services :: NXP Semiconductors 

I apologize for the inconveniences this could give you.

Best regards,


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