Android CtsSkQPTestCases failures on i.MX6Q SabreSD and P9.0.0_2.2.0 BSP

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Android CtsSkQPTestCases failures on i.MX6Q SabreSD and P9.0.0_2.2.0 BSP

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Greetings NXP community!

I'm working on porting the Android P9.0.0_2.2.0 BSP for the i.MX6Q processor to our custom platform that uses the i.MX6Q.  While running the Android CTS test suite, I'm running into the following failures in the CtsSkQPTestCases module (tests the SKIA graphics library integration):

1. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_arithmode

2. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_colorwheel

3. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_cross_context_image

4. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_deferred_texture_image_medium_decoded

5. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_deferred_texture_image_medium_decoded_indexed

6. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_deferred_texture_image_medium_encoded

7. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_deferred_texture_image_medium_encoded_indexed

8. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_encode_srgb_png

9. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_flippity

10. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_image_from_yuv_textures

11. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_image_surface

12. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_imagemasksubset

13. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_makecolorspace

14. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_shadermaskfilter_image

15. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_tileimagefilter

16. org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#unitTest_GrMeshTest

I loaded the Android P9.0.0_2.2.0 BSP images provided by NXP for the SabreSD board and ran through the module on the provided images, which also shows the same failures.  Has anyone come across a fix for these failures?  It looks like there may be a GPU integration component that's related, however I know very little about GPUs/graphics in general so I'm at a loss for how to fix these failures.  I'm hoping that since these failures are present in the BSP images available from NXP on the SabreSD board, that a fix will be available as we need these tests to pass to get through Google GMS approval.

Attached are the CTS results for reference, from both the SabreSD platform and our own custom platform.

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