About EIM on imx6SABRESD board

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About EIM on imx6SABRESD board

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   we want to use eim on imx6q-sabresd board to communicate with FPGA. But it is not supported on the board because it is not welded. If we want to weld it ourselves , do we need to do something else? some of EIM_DA is connected with boot configuration switch, does it make a conflict with EIM? And at last, how to configure EIM in os?  it is introduced simply in the rm.pdf and useless, also not referred to ohter docs.  


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Wenjie Zhang,

The Reference Manual has a very detailed outline of the registers that govern the Hardware of the i.MX6 but for a more down to earth application the starting point would be the board’s Linux BSP. You would need to edit the Device Tree in order to enable the desired pins with the proper function and the bootloader would then load this Hardware description to the Kernel.

There are some threads that cover a little of how to use the Device Tree. I suggest that you look at the following Document that covers a bit of how to make a Device Tree from scratch.


As for the EIM working with the boot configuration switch, you should not have any problem with the current switches on the SABRE board. The boot configuration is read by the i.MX6 prior to booting and after that there boot configuration function is no longer used and the desired EIM configuration would be asserted. The EIM bus applications should work correctly and the resistors placed on the board on these lines should not have an impact.


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