8MPLUS-BB schematic, USB type-c and crossbar switch

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8MPLUS-BB schematic, USB type-c and crossbar switch

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Trying to make sense of sheet 6 of the 8MPLUS-BB schematic and the USB type-c connections...

It looks like USB1_SS_SEL that controls the differential crossbar switch goes to a pin on the CPU module that has nothing to do with USB (SAI1_MCLK).  Am I correct in thinking that this is configured as a GPIO output in the kernel?  Is there something in the device tree that then allows this pin to be changed, so I could use any available GPIO output ?

For bonus points...I'd like the port to be able to operate in dual role mode.  How does the hardware and the imx8MP communicate that negotiation?  Is that all handled through the I2C interface to the CC Logic Detection?  (and as long as I'm using the PTN5110 in the same way, it should all just work?)


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