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i.MX6SL LPDDR2 Script Aid

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i.MX6SL LPDDR2 Script Aid

Note, the tools described in this page are deprecated and are no longer maintained.  For the latest maintained i.MX 6/7 series DDR tools, the user can find these here:

i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Tool Release

This is a tool can generate a LPDDR2 script easily for i.Mx6SL and only need input several parameters based on using DDR datasheet and system architecture.


Please find i.Mx6DQSDL LPDDR2 Script Aid through below link.

i.Mx6DQSDL LPDDR2 Script Aid


Please find i.Mx6DQSDL DDR3 Script Aid through below link.

i.MX6DQSDL DDR3 Script Aid


Please find i.MX6SX DDR3 Script Aid through below link..

i.MX6SX DDR3 Script Aid


Any questions are welcome!


Change History:

version 0.03 -- fix bus width bug

version 0.04 -- Add CA calibration Tool link

version 0.05 -- 1. remove config 0x020c4084

                        2. fix CS0_END bug

version 0.06 -- 1. Workaround two CSs ZQ command overlap issue

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Line 136 of the RealView.inc file:

setmem /320x021b0018 =0x00001748// MMDC0_MDMISC

Is not setting the DDR_4_BANK value to 1 when 4 banks is selected.  Is this a bug in the script or should the value really be 0?

Would you please show which LPDDR2 part support 4 bank?

Please share the Datasheet with me.


Hi LinWang,

I found this script aid cannot select "8" for "Number of COLUMN Addresses" in Register Configuration sheet even though i.MX6SL can set it to "8 bits column" according to IMX6SLRM Rev.2 Chapter 32.12.1.

So Would you fix the bug?

Best Regards,

Satoshi Shimoda

Hi Satoshi,

Yes, i.MX6SL can support it.

But the die desity range from 2Gb to 8Gb which supported by this aid don't need support it.


             how can I get the password of the document

Hello KunWang,

I will not share password out.

If any issue is found, please let me know.

I will corrrect it.


Hello Lin,

We have a custom board with an LPDDR2 512Mb.

The i.MX6SL LPDDR2 Script Aid doesn't support this density.

Is there any way to specify the correct density into the script or another way?


Hi Yakov Shaulov,

Thanks for attend the aid!

As 512Mb is not popular application for i.MX6SL, I did not inculde it into script aid.

I believe the only way is referring to i.MX6SL RM and modify script manually.

I can help if you have specific question.

Hi Lin

How to config 1Gb capacity DDR2 parameter in "Mx6SL LPDDR2 Script Aid V0.06"?


Hi Felix,

1Gb is not in my aid scope.

You can refer to current aid and develop 1Gb script by yourself.

The prime differences should be seen by comparing different between 2Gb and 4Gb.

Hope it can help you!

Hi Lin

I had compare the 2Gb and 4Gb setting .inc file, only CS0_END(0x021b0040) is different, but I can't understand calculation formula.

How to calculation the CS0_END?


2Gb setting:

setmem /32 0x021b0040 = 0x00000047 // Chan0 CS0_END

0x47-0x3f = 0x08, 8*32M = 256M

4Gb setting:

setmem /32 0x021b0040 = 0x0000004F // Chan0 CS0_END

0x4F-0x3f = 0x10, 16*32M = 512M

1Gb setting:

setmem /32 0x021b0040 = 0x0000004F // Chan0 CS0_END

1024/8=128, 128/32 = 4, 0x4+0x3F = 0x43

Is the above correct?


Here is formula: 4*DRAM density per CS (Gb)+63

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