i.MX27 ADS Board Flashing

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i.MX27 ADS Board Flashing

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i.MX27 ADS Board Flashing

This tutorial teaches how to flash bootloader using ATK.

ATK (Advanced Toolkit)

ATK (Advanced Toolkit) is a Windows software for programming the flash memory of i.MX boards.

Using ATK

This section will describe the procedure to erase the flash memory and program the bootloader.

1 - Connect a serial cable between PC and i.MX board.

2 - Some hardware configurations (switches) must be done to flash the board.

   Set S18 switch as below: Switch S18 -> 111100 


3 - Run ATK by clicking Start -> Programs -> AdvancedToolKit -> AdvancedToolKit


   Set the options:
   Device memory -> DDR; Custom Initial File -> (keep it unmarked)
   Communication Channel -> Serial Port (Usually COM1)

4 - Click Flash Tools to erase, program or dump the the flash memory and click GO


Flash Programming

The next step is to program the bootloader image into the board's Flash following the steps below.

1 - Select the parameters as shown in the figure below and press Program.

The bootloader binary image file can be found into your Board Support PackageSet Program, NOR Spansion, Bi Swap


2 - Add it on Image File field and press Program.

3 - Close ATK, turn off the board and set switch back as shown in the picture below.


Installing ATK on Linux

Download ATK:


Extract ATK:

# unzip ATK_1_41_STD_installer.zip

Execute the default install process:

# wine SETUP.EXE

Get mfc42.dll and msvcp60.dll from a Windows Machine (C:\Windows\System32) and copy to wine system32 (/root/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32)

Run ATK:

# wine ADSToolkit_std.exe
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