Matter Zigbee Bridge ---base on i.MX MPU and K32W

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Matter Zigbee Bridge ---base on i.MX MPU and K32W

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Matter Zigbee Bridge ---base on i.MX MPU and K32W

Traditional non-matter devices cannot directly join the matter network. But Matter Bridge solves the problem. Matter bridge can join a Matter network as a Matter device and nonmatter devices need to be mapped to Matter network as a dynamic endpoint. In this way,
other Matter devices can communicate with non-matter devices through dynamic endpoints.

The Guide is a Matter Zigbee Bridge implement based on i.MX93 + K32W0.




Feature List

• Matter over Ethernet
• Matter over Wi-Fi
• Register and Remove Zigbee Deivces
• Connect Zigbee devices into Matter ecosystem seamlessly
• Zigbee Devices o OnOff cluster o Temperature Sensor Cluster
• Matter Actions o Start Zigbee Network o Zigbee Network Permit Join o Factory Reset
• No limitation if migrating to other i.MX MPU like i.MX6ULL, i.MX8MP
• OTBR and Zigbee bridge can be integrated into one single device

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‎11-23-2023 01:53 AM
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