Enable USB2.0 port for USB OTG on mek_8q

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Enable USB2.0 port for USB OTG on mek_8q

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Enable USB2.0 port for USB OTG on mek_8q

To enable USB 2.0 port on BB for USB OTG, you need to apply below two changes:

  1. device/fsl.git


diff --git a/imx8q/mek_8q/init.usb.rc b/imx8q/mek_8q/init.usb.rc

index af4e388..0f3ab0b 100644

--- a/imx8q/mek_8q/init.usb.rc

+++ b/imx8q/mek_8q/init.usb.rc

@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ on early-boot

     mount functionfs mtp /dev/usb-ffs/mtp rmode=0770,fmode=0660,uid=1024,gid=1024,no_disconnect=1

     mount functionfs ptp /dev/usb-ffs/ptp rmode=0770,fmode=0660,uid=1024,gid=1024,no_disconnect=1

     setprop sys.usb.mtp.device_type 3

-    setprop vendor.usb.config "5b110000.usb3"

+    setprop vendor.usb.config "ci_hdrc.0"

     write /sys/module/libcomposite/parameters/disable_l1_for_hs "y"

     symlink /config/usb_gadget/g1/configs/b.1 /config/usb_gadget/g1/os_desc/b.1


  1. vendor/nxp-opensource/kernel_imx.git

          revert below patch:

          commit 2f9586c120971312e61df464264993899cf34536

          Author: yang.tian <yang.tian@nxp.com>

          Date:   Tue Jan 7 13:30:02 2020 +0800


    MA-15242 Set usb2.0 port as usb host only for mek_8q


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