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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The purpose of this Blog is to assist new users of the AppWizard to create and run their first project. The AppWizard is a tool for creating complete and ready-to-use emWin applications. The tool makes it very easy to build an application, manage resources and even define the application’s behavior.

Managing resources of an application is also made incredibly easy since the user simply has to add their resources to the project. All of the rest is done by the AppWizard, this means the user doesn’t have to fiddle around with dozens of resource files anymore.



You can find the download link for the Tool from the below link.

NXP emWin Libraries | NXP    

To install the AppWizard, simply run the setup wizard which will guide you through the installation. It comes with all required components without having to download nor install further tools.


Creating a new AppWizard project

1.    Run the SEGGER AppWizard from your desktop.


2.   Click Create a new project.

3.   Choose a Project path. Give your AppWizard project a name in the Project name field.
      Select a BSP for this project. Then click Ok.


Using the SEGGER AppWizard with NXP MCUXpresso

We have an Application Note Release Coming up which enables to Integration of the AppWizard Project with the MCU Xpresso Project,

To help you start up with the Integration I have created a basic reference project which has around 4 screens and switch whose press will help you switch between all the screens. Attached are the projects (MCUXpresso and Appwizard) for your further reference.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

More products today include graphical user interfaces than ever before, and consumers have a growing expectation that they be visually appealing and intuitive to use. Luckily, NXP and its partners make the process of adding a GUI of any level of complexity to your product seamless.


NXP offers a broad portfolio of microcontrollers and crossover MCUs to address a variety of graphics applications. From GUIs that are simple yet powerful, to those that are advanced and graphically rich, NXP has a microcontroller to meet your requirements. While most NXP MCUs can support simple GUI peripherals, several device families are designed specifically for graphics applications with integrated features such as the PXP for 2D acceleration, and built in display interfaces and controllers.

Hardware is only half of the story though. The strong relationships that NXP has built with partners such as Crank Software, TARA Systems, Qt, and SEGGER, make using the embedded graphics software of your choice simple. NXP works closely with these partners and others, to ensure that NXP's MCUs and crossover MCUs are fully supported by optimized graphics engines.

With the release of MCUXpresso SDK v2.7, integrating graphics software into your embedded application will be more frictionless than ever before! Visit mcuxpresso.nxp.com on December 20th to download the latest SDK for the development board of your choice.

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