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What can you do with a 500 MHz MCU? – Join the Crossover Code Challenge today!

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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Launched in October, the i.MX RT1010 crossover MCU further expands NXP’s popular i.MX RT series and introduces the world to the next generation of low-cost, high-performance MCUs.

233455-CS_iMX_RT1010-BD_v1-LR-title FINAL.jpg

With features such as Flex PWM for motor control, S/PDIF for audio, and a FlexIO module for things like graphic LCDs, it is easy to see the breadth of products and use cases that could benefit from such a general purpose, feature-rich MCU (read the i.MX RT1010 blog series here for even more ideas).  Working with Hackster, NXP wants to hear from you on what you can do with the i.MX RT1010. 

NXP is challenging the Hackster community to develop feature-rich code using the i.MX RT1010 EVK in order to demonstrate just how much functionality is packed into this low-cost MCU.  Thousands of dollars will be rewarded to the best ideas and implementations.


Not sure how to get started?

So, what are you waiting for?  Join the Crossover Code Challenge today!