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The future of IoT catapulted by i.MX RT Crossover MCUs

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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The i.MX RT series bridges the simplicity of MCUs with the complexity of applications processors into a hybrid portfolio offering ease-of-use designed to address the growing consumer demand for enhanced user experiences. Offering high-performance – up to 1Ghz – modernized HMI capabilities, expanded memory options, and advanced security, the i.MX RT series can help you push the boundaries of what is possible in the IoT – even on price-conscious designs.  The possibilities are endless: Imagine using the i.MX RT in clothing technology to help manage airflow; and maybe that device interacts with others such as smartwatches to actively cool the body. Similarly, imagine adding IoT capabilities to gaming devices for an enhanced gaming experience. For example, program virtual reality actions of a character flying through the sky to prompt house fans, simulating the environment. With interconnectivity between devices only growing, i.MX RT crossover MCUs help address the growth by offering a unique level of performance paired with advanced integration and security, fueling the next-generation of IoT computing. To learn more about how the i.MX RT series of crossover MCUs push the boundaries of what’s possible in the IoT, access the full infographic at: