No NTAG I2C device is connected

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No NTAG I2C device is connected

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I downloaded "Peek and Poke" application.

Though I do not have NTAG I2C Explorer Board, I do have NT3H1101 chip with stm8 mcu connected.

I programmed stm8 with stvd.

When I execute Peek and Poke, although NT3H1101 is connected to PC through USB,

the program says "No NTAG I2C device is connected, Please connect a device and try again."

Why does the application cannot detect my nfc chip?

How can I solve this problem?

Please help me. Thank you in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Sorry, but your question is out of support in this i.MX group. Here, we support neither NFC chips nor stm8 processors. Please ask your question to a correct group.

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