Object Recognition using Arm NN

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Object Recognition using Arm NN

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I followed the manual in eIQ Sample Apps - Overview 

for object recognition using ArmNN, I succesfully did all the steps in Host PC.

I faced few problems here, but tried to manage them.

Arm NN example: File-Based

In this procedure in Step 2: after placing data in data dir and model in model dir, 

TfInceptionV3-Armnn --data-dir=data --model-dir=models
= Prediction values for test

Cannot execute this command. It says that file doesn't exist.

According to my experience, i tried few commands, but still not working 

$ TfInceptionV3-Armnn --data-dir=data --model-dir=model
$ TfInceptionV3-Armnn --data-dir=/opt/armnn/data --model-dir=/opt/armnn/model


Fatal: Armnn Error: Graph file /opt/armnn/model/inception_v3_2016_08_28_frozen.pb failed to open at function CreateNetworkFromBinaryFile [/usr/src/debug/armnn/20.02-r0/git/src/armnnTfParser/TfParser.cpp:3579]

attaching the screenshot for your reference



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