vAppApiSetHighPowerMode and eAppApiPlmeSet with Micro Mac on JN5168-001-M05

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vAppApiSetHighPowerMode and eAppApiPlmeSet with Micro Mac on JN5168-001-M05

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We are using the MicroMac (mmac.h) and our init is this:

    vMMAC_Enable ();

     vMMAC_EnableInterrupts ( & radio_interrupt_handler);

     vMMAC_ConfigureRadio ();

     vMMAC_SetChannel ( g_Config . byMeshChannel );

     // Disable hardware backoff
     vMMAC_SetTxParameters ( 1 0 0 0 );

     vMMAC_StartPhyReceive (rx_frame_buffer, (uint16)(E_MMAC_RX_START_NOW |  E_MMAC_RX_NO_FCS_ERROR));

How do we set the Transmit Power Level and the High Power mode for the M05 module?

In a non-MMAC way we'd use these:

     vAppApiSetHighPowerMode (APP_API_MODULE_HPM05,  TRUE );

eAppApiPlmeSet (PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER,  31 );

Can they be done together with MMAC or are there other functions to use?


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ok, I've seen this post:

It indicates these functions exist:

To set just the power level the vMiniMac_PLME_SetReq_Power() function should be used the parameter is the same format as for eAppApiPlmeSet() described in JN-UG-3024 IEEE 802.15.4 Stack User Guide available from  IEEE 802.15.4|JN516x MCUs|NXP

But you will only need to do this to lower the power as the default is to use full power.
They may also need to configure for a high power module for this vMiniMac_SetHighPowerMode() can be used this uses the same parameters as vAppApiSetHighPowerMode() also described in JN-UG-3024.

But in the latest SDK (JN-SW-4163) I cannot find these in any header file.  (Build Number 1416)

Is there a newer SDK build somewhere or is this in a different SDK

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Could you please help me check this other thread? 

I believe the document in the post should help you.


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