send/receive message through UART(or USB) ZTC

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send/receive message through UART(or USB) ZTC

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I am working with TWR-13237-kit (it include 2 units - coordinator and Light switch(ZED) ) and run "MC13237 ZHA Dimmable Light ZC" demo code.

The coordinator connect to the host PC and monitor by "MC13237_ZHA_Demo" GUI.

I think the demo kit use ZTC for communicate to host PC.

I found ZTC setting in the 'ZTCInterface.h', UART1 setting in the UART_Interface.h (by Beekit)

But I hard to find the code that send/receive message using ZTC . ( search the CodeWarrior)

Could you explain to me how it works and where I have to modify the code for my application?

I'd like to send/receive message by my linux computer. 

example, I'd like to display new message(text) on the host PC and send/receive difference message(command) 

I found documents "Freescale ZigBee Test Client (ZTC) Reference Manual" and "BeeStack BlackBox ZTC Reference Manual" but It doesn't have the information that I really want to know.

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Dear Min,

All ZTC commands and responses are described in the BeeStack™ BlackBox ZigBee™ Test Client (ZTC) Reference Manual. You should use that document to check the different commands available. If you would like to implement your own commands you may refer to Chapter 3- Making New ZTC Commands.

The code for each command/response may be in different files since many layers could be used (ZTC, ZDO, Profile-specific commands, etc). There is no documentation about the actual implementation in code of such commands. If you would like to know more about these, you could always search within the code.



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