kw36 fsci bb start advertise or make connection test demo

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kw36 fsci bb start advertise or make connection test demo

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Hi, dear NXP engineer

i am using the KW36 freedom board. i have run the FSCI demo. i just run some simple fsci command sending in the NXP TEST TOOL. 

would you please give some complex command test. like use this demo to start the kw36 advertising, or make a connection with a smart phone. i have no idea  about how to fill the parameter needs.

how can i use the fsci bb demo to test function relate to advertising /scanning/ make connections. the demo support the command yet? please give some detail test step and picture about the process. thanks a lot!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Yuan Xiao


Could you please take a look at the document Framework Serial Connectivity Interface (FSCI) for Bluetooth® Low Energy Host Stack?


This document contains a detailed description of most serial commands for BLE Host Stack. You can find it inside the MCUXpresso SDK for the FRDM-KW36, in the following path:


<installation path>\docs\wireless\Common


Many FSCI commands related to BLE advertisement, bonding, and connection are part of GAP commands. I suggest check the chapter 3.4 GAP Messages, maybe some commands that fulfill the functions that interest you.


These commands are available in the NXP Test Tool.


Please let me know if you need any more information.