information about NQ330-NQ310 Android Reference Design

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information about NQ330-NQ310 Android Reference Design

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We have a NQ310 based Android smartphone being NFC Forum certification which is inherited from the parent product "NQ330-NQ310 Android Reference Design (Cerification ID: 58537)". The product has been passed all tests and now in test report phase, the lab ask us the provide following information of the parent product(NQ330-NQ310 Android Reference Design) to fill NFC Forum doc "Implementation Test Plan", but we can't find such information, could you please share these info?

- Parent Product Version

- Parent Product Hardware Version

- Parent Product Software Version

- Parent Product NFC controller Firmware Version

- Parent Product Operating System Version


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


NQ330 is designed for mobile / PC application, our team doesn't have authority to support it. We have special team(mobile team) to support it, so if you wants to get more help on it, you can contact local distributor of NXP. Hope it help you.

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