ZigBee Over-the-air (OTA) upgrade cluster

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ZigBee Over-the-air (OTA) upgrade cluster

Contributor V

Two documents you need:


1.       The OTA upgrade components are described in the Over the Air Upgrade Cluster Users Guide (OTAUCUG.pdf).

2.       The step-by-step to make a demo of the OTA cluster can be found in the ZigBee Application users guide (ZAUGZB2007.pdf), Chapter 10.


I’ve used the OTA cluster in the MC1320xQE128 and MC13234-MRB boards.

For 1322x you need an external memory.


I’m including the OTAP sniffer LOG as attachment. I ran this using MC13234-MRB. One of the main things that confuse users is the Client-Server perspective. For the OTA cluster, the Server initiates the communication by sending a Image notify command. From there, all clients will request the image from the server at their own peace. This is kind of the opposite that users are expecting. The key is to understand the Server is the one that provides a service, the client requests the service. For OTAP, the service means to provide the new Image.

Original Attachment has been moved to: OTA_Example_13234-MRB_ZSE.cubx.zip

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I've used the OTA Cluster in the 13226 processor without success. The wireshark log the image notify command malformed and Client doesn't responde anything.

Does someone have any idea?


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