WiFi chip Qualcomm QCA9890 cannot obtain ip address on imx8mq

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WiFi chip Qualcomm QCA9890 cannot obtain ip address on imx8mq

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Hi NXP team,

I want to use our dhcp program to get IP address by Qualcomm QCA9890 wifi chip on imx8mq customize board.
The first, I try wifi chip(client mode) to get IP by udhcpc command and ping success.
After I change to use our dhcp program that can work well on the other board, wifi cannot obtain IP.
(Note. On the imx8mq customize board, change wifi to AP mode by our dhcp program can work well.)

I can see AP router has received dhcp discovery packet and sent offer packet by wireshark.
I also use command "tcpdump -i wlan0 -nn" to see BOOTP/DHCP reply from AP router as attachment.


After I set routing command "ip route add dev wlan0", wifi obtains ip and ping success.

When eth0 uses the same dhcp program, it can work well.
I have no idea to fix this problem. I appreciate if someone can help me to solve it.

My harware:
- imx8mq customize board (Software: LF_L5.4.3_1.0.0)
- QCA9890 card with MINI PCIe Interface

Thank you for any help.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Unfortunately this behavior it is related to the Firmware of the Qualcomm Module, I  recommend that you contact the Module Maker Manufacturer to get the Wifi Driver updated, to get the functionality that it is missed in the device.

In our BSP it seems everything it is ok, since the WIFI module was working in an AP Mode. Which it is the case we test


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