Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue

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Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Some customers found that the rejoin distance of JN5169 ZED is much shorter (almost 20~25% ) than its normal operation distance. This issue has been fixed by SDK4170-v2007 and code in the SDK need to be modified as followings :

1)comment BDB_vSetAssociationFilter() in vNsDiscoverNwk in Bdb_ns.c

2)comment BDB_vSetRejoinFilter() in BDB_vRejoinCycle in Bdb_start.c

3)comment BDB_vSetRejoinFilter() in BDB_vTlStateMachine in Bdb_tl_end_device_initiator_target.c and in vTlHandleScanResponse

Also  replace three zps_g_pvApl with ZPS_pvAplZdoGetAplHandle()  in APP_vConvertR21_PdmToR22_Records in App_pdm_convert.c in end device AN.

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