SDK_2.2.1_FRDM-KW36: Best example for pairing, bonding and privacy

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SDK_2.2.1_FRDM-KW36: Best example for pairing, bonding and privacy

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I'm using SDK_2.2.1_FRDM-KW36 and want to know which is the best example project to learn about the pairing, bonding and privacy mechanisms, as it seems that the demo projects all do it slightly differently.

For example, in the BleApp_ConnectionCallback handler there is code to handle the gConnEvtAuthenticationRejected_c event in the hid_host example, but this is missing from the wireless_uart demo.

Similarly, in the BleApp_ScanningCallback for the gDeviceScanned_c event, the hid_host updates gConnReqParams.usePeerIdentityAddress but the location_and_navigation_client does not.

So, what's the *best* starting point for central and peripheral projects that will use pairing, bonding and privacy?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi stephenlangstaff‌,

A good starting point to learn about pairing, bonding and privacy mechanisms is temperature sensor(temp_sens) for peripheral and temperature collector(temp_coll) for central.


Wireless_uart project is more complex because it is covering dual-role behavior(central and peripheral). Because of this there are differences between it and the others projects.


Information about pairing, bonding and privacy can be found in the Bluetooth Low Energy Application Developer Guide.pdf document also. It is located in the SDK at the following path : KW36_SDK\docs\wireless\Bluetooth.


If you need more information, please let me know.


Best regards,


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