RF High Power Model Multiple Errors

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RF High Power Model Multiple Errors

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I am trying a harmonic balance simulation on the A2I20H060N high power model. I installed both design kits as required however I get the following errors whenever I run the simulation. I tried digging into the files inside the design kit and found nxp_A2I20H060N_pkg_netlists.net  which seems to contain the variables mentioned. Do I need to edit this file to the correct values or is there a different source for the problem?

Also note that I followed the same installation procedure for the high power model of a different IC and it worked just fine.

nxp_A2I20H060N_pkg_netlists.netnxp_A2I20H060N_pkg_netlists.netADS Simulation ErrorADS Simulation Error

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

This warns for all NXP (former Freescale) RF ADS product models. This warning occurs because we use 2 0 pH inductors inside all SPDK's for mutual inductance. The warn is due to the negative value of the mutual inductance coupling the gate and drain inside the FET2 transistor. The negative value results from the direction of the 2 inductors being coupled. The value of inductors are ~0pH and doesn't influence the simulation.

This warning is not a concern. Since it is just a warning it can be reviewed and in this case ignored.


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