KW30Z gHardwareParameters reserved data usage

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KW30Z gHardwareParameters reserved data usage

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IAR 7.50;  KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1 (KSDK_1.3.0)

What is the usage of  reserved[42] data, what module use this data ?

For backward compatibility with what ?


typedef PACKED_STRUCT hardwareParameters_tag
  uint8_t  reserved[42];             /* for backward compatibillity */
    uint8_t  ieee_802_15_4_address[8]; /* IEEE 802.15.4 MAC address */
    uint8_t  bluetooth_address[6];     /* Bluetooth address */
    uint32_t xtalTrim;                 /* KW4x only */
    uint32_t edCalibrationOffset;      /* KW01 ED offset */
    uint32_t pllFStepOffset;           /* KW01 fine tune pll */
    uint32_t gInternalStorageAddr;     /* The start address of the internal storage used for OTA update.
                                          A value of 0xFFFFFFFF means that the External storage is used. */


/* Hardware parameters */
hardwareParameters_t gHardwareParameters;

This data occupies quite some RAM and ROM.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Lucian

This reserved memory is used to keep the data structure. All the APIs in the Flash_Adapter.c uses this structure, so it shouldn't be changed. Accordign to the Reference Manual

Some members of this structure may be ignored on a specific board/silicon configuration. Also, new members may be added for implementation specific purposes and the backwards compatibility must be maintained.

Hope this information helps you
Have a great day,
Jorge Alcala

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