JN5168 - Wake up on 'either' rising or falling edge

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JN5168 - Wake up on 'either' rising or falling edge

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Hello there! 

Im doing my first JN5168 project, and first JenOS project ever (never used any nxp processors) 

Im trying to figure out 2 things.

1, I have a toggle switch that I want to use to wake up the MCU whenever is toggled (rising or falling) 

      Is the only was to do this to connect the switch to 2 diffrent inputs and have one vAHI_DioWakeEdge() for rising and one for falling?

2. What happens upon a wake called by a DIO? after enabling vAHI_DioWakeEnable(), which function will be executed upon the wake up? I want to use the wake up kinda like an interrupt, where it runs one specific function?

Thanks for the beginner help!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Martin,

Could you please look at the JN-AN-1189 Zigbee HA Demo? You will find the APP_bButtonInitialise function that provides initialization of the buttons, pull-up, edge detections, interrupts.

ZigBee Home Automation | NXP 



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