How to insert new APDU into Smart Energy Template

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How to insert new APDU into Smart Energy Template

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Im using SE tunneling cluster in my project.
I want to transfer long DLMS/COSEM frames ~512 bytes using Tunneling Cluster.
In JN-UG-3059.PDF wrote that:
"...Note that the maximum data size that can be transmitted using
eSE_TunnelTransferDataSend()should not exceed the maximum incoming data
transfer size of the recipient and should not exceed
APDU size - 5 bytes..." 

Thats why i decided  to increase Template used apduZCL to 512 bytes, but i received a stack overflow error.
After that i decided to create long apdu for Tunneling cluster only.
apdu.jpg Now i have a question? Is this right way? How can i rebuild template ESP/Meter project so it began to work with my own APDU for tunneling cluster?

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