Difference between the JN5148-001-M04 and the JN5148-T01-M04

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Difference between the JN5148-001-M04 and the JN5148-T01-M04

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Greetings all,

   Hopefully someone knows of a solution to this issue I am having. Let me start by acknowledging that I am (beyond) aware that the JN5148 chip has long since been retired. Due to current stock of part, as well as an effort to buy time while I work on the migration from JN5148 to JN5168, we found some JN5148 modules.

The modules we use in our products today is a JN5148-001-M04, using the Jenie/JenNet stacks. Recently we began a search for more radios and located JN5148-T01-M04 labled modules. My assumption, based on what the product brief/datasheet tells me is that the T designation just means that it was from a tape-and-reel, as no other information that I have found indicates otherwise.

 The issue was noticed when trying to flash the JN5148-T01-M04 module with the regular JN5148-001-M04 firmware. Attached for reference are the errors encountered by the programmer. I have attempted unsuccessfully to change the chip from JN5148, to JN5148J01, to JN5142J01. All of which was unsuccessful in resolving the issue. So far the only thing that looks different (and It might be a false memory) is the size of the flash, which I *think* is 256K and 512K between the two 5148 models.

So my questions, for the TLDR version is:

  1. Is there a difference between the CPU on JN5148-001-M04 to JN5148-T01-M04?
  2. If there is, would anyone know what changes have to be made to facilitate the change?
  3. If there isn't, would anyone know what could propagate this issue between the versions, which exists even without any modifications to already working firmware?
  4. Does some kind of archive exist of sdk's, api's and all documentation that may be applicable? I've been acquiring what I can from the internet, but as I said earlier, it looks like most of it's been scrubbed, may not be the last release version, etc.

  5. On a networking topic: Would there be (aside from API) any compatibility between Jenie (5148) and JenNet (5168) ?
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Hi @mario_castaneda 

I definitely understand that it's been EOL for quite a long time. My hope is that anyone who's used it (and migrated from) may remember having any of the above issues, have any of the above advice, or have stashed somewhere long ago some sort of documentation.

NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @marcd,

I hope you are doing great.

The JN5148 is No Longer Manufactured, unfortunately,  we do not have access to this device documentation, the device is not supported.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.



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