Commissioning Thread sensors

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Commissioning Thread sensors

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If we have different Thread sensors from various vendors, What are the minimal parameters need to be configured at commissioner for joining?

  1. Thread Short Eui / Long EUI / All FFF... &
  2. Pskd


How we can set all the sensors with the corresponding PSKd to join an existing Thread nwk? Or is there any other easy way to commission? jcpacheco


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  How we can find nxp kw41z PSK and Long EUI address?


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If you have kw41z loaded with thread router binary, in the shell command you can find..

$ thr get pskd
pskd: THREAD

$ thr get eui
eui: 0x0060376D0CCA9C5A

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Q1. The commissioner needs to know the joiner (sensor) PSKd and Long EUI Address through an out of band mechanisms like scanning a QR Code, user input, keypad etc..

Q2. Threadgroup recommends printing the PSKd and EUI at the end device package i.e. A QR Label may be scanned by a smartphone capable to communicate with a thread border router. Once the joiner credentials are known by a smartphone this can be used as the active commissioner.