Can frdm-kw36 can be configured as controller via HCI.

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Can frdm-kw36 can be configured as controller via HCI.

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hi, dear nxp kw36 ble expert:

      i want to use a S32k mcu to send command to KW36 via HCI on SPI bus. the upper layer host of kw36 i do not need. it the sdk have some relate demo to refer. and is the design can be support on kw36, is there any doc on kw36 hci run on spi BUS. really appreciate your help or advise.looking forward reply.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The device supports by specification the UART interface, as the SPI HCI commands are not defined by specification in this case there is no such example/implementation.

Still, have you look at the FSCI ? Those are serial commands that can help you in what you are trying to achieve , you can find the Kinetis FSCI Host Application Programming Interface.pdf in the SDK documentation, also, you can use the example available that enable this functionality.

Hope this help.



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