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QN9080 USB Dongle

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QN9080 USB Dongle

QTool is a PC software tool that works with QN9080 USB dongle to assist in the development of BLE projects with the QN9080. You control the dongle via the QTool software, which issues and receives FSCI (Framework Serial Communication Interface) formatted commands over a virtual COM port. The dongle can then act either as a master or a slave to a QN9080DK board over BLE. 

Before using the BLE dongle with QTool though, the firmware on the QN9080 Dongle must be updated. The updated firmware can be found inside the QTool installation directory, and you will need to put the dongle into bootloader mode to drag-and-drop new firmware on it.


Updating the Firmware on the QN9080 Dongle.
1. Install QTool: https://www.nxp.com/webapp/sps/download/license.jsp?colCode=Connectivity-QTool-Setup  
2. Plug the QN9080 Dongle into a USB port on your computer
3. Using a wire, connect TP5 to ground. You can use either TP4 or the USB shield for GND.
4. While that wire is connected, press the reset button on the dongle. This will now put the dongle into bootloader mode.
5. A drive will enumerate on your computer named “CRP_DISABLD

6. You can now remove the wire
7. Delete the firmware.bin file found in that drive
8. Drag-and-drop the firmware.bin file found in C:\NXP\Connectivity QTool\bin files into that enumerated drive.
9. Once done copying, unplug and replug in the USB Dongle, and the new firmware will now be running. 

Installing the QN9080 Dongle Driver
The dongle will enumerate as a USB CDC COM device. If the CDC driver is not automatically detected, you will need to manually install the driver.

1. Right-click Computer and choose Properties, the System Management window appears.
2. Click Device Manager and navigate to MCU VIRTUAL COM DEMO 

3. Right-click the device MCU VIRTUAL COM DEMO and choose Update Driver Software
4. Click the  Browse my computer for driver software option in the window.
5. Click Browse button to go to the folder  C:\NXP\Connectivity QTool\drivers
6. Click the Next button at the bottom to install the driver. 

7. After the driver is installed you will see the Virtual Com Port device under the Ports category


Using QTool:
Now that the QN9080 dongle has the updated firmware and has the correct driver installed, you can follow the instructions in the QTool documentation found at C:\NXP\Connectivity QTool\UM11085.pdf

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