Adjusting XTAL trim to modify central frequency in the KW40

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Adjusting XTAL trim to modify central frequency in the KW40

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Adjusting XTAL trim to modify central frequency in the KW40

The KW40Z has support for a 32 MHz reference oscillator. This oscillator is used, among other things, as the clock for the RF operation. To properly adjust the frequency provided by this oscillator, there is a register that can be written, and this register (XTAL_TRIM) adjusts the capacitance provided by the internal capacitor bank to which the oscillator is connected.

The KW40Z comes preprogramed with a default value (0x77) in the XTAL_TRIM register. However, since there is probably some variance when using different HW, the central frequency should be verified using a spectrum analyzer. Depending on the value measured, the XTAL_TRIM register can be modified to adjust the frequency. The Connectivity Test application provided here was modified, adding support to change the XTAL_TRIM register.

In this case, the Agilent Technologies N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer was used, configured with the following parameters:

  • FREQ (central frequency): 2405 MHz (test will be conducted on channel 11)
  • SPAN (x-axis): 100 KHz
  • AMPTD (amplitude, y-axis): 5 dBm


To perform the test, program the KW40Z device with the Connectivity Test application, using the provided .bin file, or using IAR and replacing the files in the project with the ones provided. To replace the files, unzip the provided .zip file in the KW40Z Connectivity Software folder and when asked, select to replace the existing files with the new ones.

To measure and adjust the trimming, run the Connectivity Test application. Press ENTER to start the application.


Press 1 to select the continuous tests mode.


Press 4 to start a continuous unmodulated transmission. Once the test is running, you should be able to see the unmodulated signal in the spectrum analyzer.


Use D and F to change the XTAL_TRIM value, thus changing the central frequency.


Now, considering the test is being performed in channel 11, the central frequency should be centered exactly in 2.405 GHz, but on this board, for example, it is slightly above (2.4050259 GHz) by default. In order to fix this, you will need to adjust the value of the XTAL_TRIM register. As you change the XTAL_TRIM value, the central frequency changes too. Adjust the trim value until you find a value that moves the frequency to where it should be centered.


For this particular board, a trimming value of 189 (0xBD) was used. Once you have found the trimming value that best adjusts the frequency, you can use it in other projects using the following function, included in the KW4xXcvrDrv.h file:

XcvrSetXtalTrim(<YOUR 8 BIT XTAL_TRIM VALUE>)‍‍‍‍‍
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