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Searching the Community

Searching the Community

Navigating through the community and finding content that might be useful for your projects is very simple and there are several ways to do it. 

1.- You can use the global navigation bar and use a keyword to find just about anything hosted in the community public spaces. 


2. - You can also use the Places tab to look for a community and do a more refined search within it.

you can identify the types of communities by the image next to each community name

Spaces: Main public community tree.

Projects: Sub communities that inherit parent space access rights. 

Groups: Mostly private and require invitation to join them.


3.-  You can use the search widget placed on each of the community homepages and search within that specific community only. 


3.-Or you can use the Content tab placed in the global navigation bar or within each community and refine your search by type of content, sort it by creation date, content you have participated in, etc. 


:smileycheck: You have just learned a new way to search and find content easily!

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