NXP Community—New Features, New Functionality, New Platform

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NXP Community—New Features, New Functionality, New Platform

NXP Community—New Features, New Functionality, New Platform

The NXP Community on NXP.com is moving to a new platform (powered by Khoros). The discontinuation of our existing platform initiated this change.

A seamless transition of our content, spaces, and files is the project team’s first priority. Accounts will not be affected; you will be able to use the same URLs and expect the same support from the NXP team.

What You Need to Know

Some things will change:

  • The layout will be updated. It may take a little time to orientate to the new interface but by design, it’s meant to be easy to navigate.
  • Usernames with dots will be automatically changed to underscores. Example: 2020 to user_2020
  • The option to display the real name will be disabled at launch. All users will be identified by their community usernames. Example:
    • Real name: John Smith
    • Username: johnSmith
    • This feature will be restored later in the year. If you want to change your username, please contact support@nxp.com

The following elements will not be migrated. If you want to keep this content, create a backup:

  • Private messages
  • Drafts
  • Pending group invitations

Completing the migration will result in some service interruption, but we have arranged to minimize this to the greatest extent possible:

On Friday, August 28th at 4 PM US CDT the community will be set as Read-only, meaning that new content will not be allowed. On Monday, August 31st, we expect the migration to be completed.

Thank you for supporting the NXP Community!

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