Installing the Jive Outlook Plugin

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Installing the Jive Outlook Plugin

Installing the Jive Outlook Plugin

Jive for Outlook Plugin Installation Instructions

  • Exit the Outlook application
  • Download the plugin from Jive community using a web browser. The file can be downloaded from: 
  • Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016/ Office 365 are supported.
  • Depending on the browser used (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) the file will either download automatically or prompt for input. If prompted, select the “Run” option if possible. If “Run” is not an option then select “Save file”. If not prompted at all then skip this step and the next.


  • Once the file is downloaded it may prompt again to confirm the “Run” option. Click the “Run” button if prompted


  • If you were prompted to “Run” in the earlier steps then skip this step and the next. Otherwise, the file automatically downloaded or you chose the option to save the file. Open the download file, JiveOutlookInstaller.msi, either from the bottom of the browser window or in the folder where the file was saved. Most likely the Windows “Downloads” directory is where the file will be found.
  • After you click to open the downloaded file you will be prompted. Click the “Run” button


  • Click the Next button from the Jive for Outlook Setup screen


  • Click "Only for me” button


  • Click the “Finish” button after installation is complete. Install takes about 1-2 minutes.


  • Start Outlook – The Jive for Outlook plugin will now be visible in the mail window near the top left


  • Click Options  and "Enable"  the plugin


  • A new window will appear to Activate Super Search


  • Complete the installation, "OK"


pastedImage_4.png pastedImage_7.png

  • Add your user (CoreId) and password  and "Sign in"


  • Connection is ready "Close"


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Any reason why I cannot connect to Jive?  Installation is fine, the red banner comes up but when I click on it - nada. 



Can you share (via screen shot) the message you are seeing when trying to connect to the Freescale Community using the Outlook plug-in?

I just got a new image on my machine. It is now a Windows 7 64-bit with Microsoft Office 2013. The installer thinks efevrything has installed but Outlook does not appear to run the plugin.

Looking in to the COM Add-Ins it says:

"Load Behaviour: Not Loaded: A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in"

Has this been test on a 64 bit machine with Office 2013?



Hi Mark, the plug-in must work with Office 2013 let me just confirm if it runs in a 64 bit machine too, I´ll get back to you.

MT could you please download the file again and let me know how it went. You shoudn´t face any issues now.

No difference. I ran the diagnostic tool in the install location and this is the output


Hope it helps



Mark, can you please provide the Outlook logs from your machine, for further investigation?

HI Denisse

I sent my log file via email. I couldn't attach it this post



Thanks Mark, I´ll get back to you as soon as I have an update.

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