How to submit a new question for NXP Support

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How to submit a new question for NXP Support

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How to submit a new question for NXP Support

Please use this procedure only for confidential cases and for cases which cannot be publicly shared on Community.

Question here means issue, ticket, case... and other synonyms.

With the new NXP the new websites come as well and a procedure for question submitting is different.

Please, follow the steps:

1) Visit and click on Support on the top of the webpage

2) Select All Support Options

      Snímek obrazovky 2019-04-23 v 10.02.53.png
3) Scroll down to the bottom and click on Go to Tickets under MY TICKETS section


4) Login to the NXP Community - you must be registered here on


5) Select "Add a folder"


6) Is necessary to fill the details about your project


7) After successful folder creation, you can add new case

8) Fill the form for New Case



9) Case was successfully created, click on icon below and you will find the response from the NXP


Please, see description of the status:

New - case created

In Progress - case assigned

Answered Back - case answered

Redirected - case internally redirected to product box

Pending Customer Reply - customer reply required

Pending Internal - internal expertise required

Escalated - the case is not assigned for 48 hours or was escalated to specific expert box

Close - case closed after 7 days customer no activity

How to update the ticket?

Just click on "Reply" button in the email coming from

10) Here you will see a list of your contexts and their cases


12) You can invite people to your context


  • get access to a context and can see everything within this context: all cases and the related communication.
  • can also submit new cases, like the context owner.


  • get view-only access to a context and can see everything within this context: all cases and the related communication.
  • cannot submit new cases, this is reserved for the context owner and participants.

Participants and Observers

  • are automatically notified about new cases created, including the description of the case.
  • are automatically suggested to our support team to be kept on copy of emails



I hope this makes your life easier :-)

Best Regards,


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Thank you ivadorazinova for your detailed explanation. I was searching for the same and you made my life easier!

You are very welcome! :-)

Best Regards,


Thank you berry much.

this is superb!

thank you mario_castaneda

its make very simple, short and understand case in detail. 



The best tutorial, i would like to see the tutor to know how to add the same tutorials like you, like for components rectifier diode or smth simmiliar to have official and checked informations.

can I get the sample?

Thank you for the simplistic explanation. :smileyhappy:

ivadorazinovazdenekkaspar-r55014‌ Thanks for the detailed tutorial. But I need one more help. One of my ticket is in the Non-Categorised case list (because it was raised for me by the nxp live chat support agent). I can view the case & I m able to reply to it through mail. I want to add participants to this case. But I couldn't find the option for doing this in Non-Categorised case list. Could you please help me in this?

Hello Krishnaprabha,

you are right, the invitation functionality is (intentionally) missing for Non-Categorised cases.

My proposal would be - please create a new folder for the mentioned case and let me know so I can move the case in to.

This way, you would be able to add participants.


Thank you for your reply. I have created folder named "433.92MHz Bridge".

Please add the case with id: 00222182 in this folder so that I can add

participants to this case.

Best Regards,

Krishnaprabha S Naik <> <>


On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 3:26 PM zdenekkaspar-r55014 <>

Hello Krishnaprabha,

thanks for creating the new Folder. The case was moved to it.

Helpful and detailed


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