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Email Notifications not working

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Email Notifications not working

Dear Community Members, 

Our community email notification service is not working at this moment, it is not a personal issue, it is affecting the entire community. We have already filed a report in Jive and are awaiting for resolution. I will keep you informed once the issue is resolved. 

I apologize in advanced for any inconvenience. 

Kind regards, 

Diana Torres

NXP Community Manager


Dear Colleagues: 

Emails seem to be going to the junk folder, please verify and contact me directly if this is not your case. 

You must set rules so that these emails start arriving to your inbox again. 


Diana Torres

NXP Community Manager

Hi Diana,

The best way to fix this would be to migrate our e-mail addresses to NXP instead of keeping

There does not appear to be anyway to do this at the individual account level: E-mail address does not appear to be an editable field.

Can this field be modified to allow us to edit it? Or can all freescale domain addresses be changed enmass to NXP?



Hi Mark, 

That swap will be done eventually through the back end of the community, there is no way for us to modify or edit that space for now. 

I will keep you updated once we are ready to make this change. 

Kind regards, 


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