Creating a Community Account

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Creating a Community Account

Creating a Community Account

Creating a Community account is very easy.

Follow the next steps to be part of the best engineer to engineer collaboration center. 

1.- Access and click Log in


2.- If you already have an NXP account, Sign In and jump to step: 

If you do not own an NXP account in yet, click Register Now


3.- Fill in all the *Required Fields, Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Register


4.- A pop-up window will ask you to verify your email, click OK


5.-You will get an email with subject: "Please verify your account", click on the link that reads Verify your email address


6.- Once verified, you will be automatically logged in to, Click on "My account"


7.- Under the SUPPORT area, click on View all Communities


8.- Now you have landed in the community homepage, please click Log in once more


9.- Fill in the required fields and click Log in

Important: (Changing your username will require administrator support, it will also DELETE any existing Jive user representation with the same username.)


10.- Accept Terms & Conditions 


:smileycheck: You are all set, welcome to the NXP Community! 

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