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Facts About Palmetto Bug

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The name palmetto bug is a very common general name, used for some species of cockroaches in the southern part of the U.S and some other bug which names are: croton bug or water bug. Sadly, the names of this bug can be complicated and misunderstood. However, any bug of the same size is referred to as these names.

Moreover, a cockroach popularly called a palmetto bug is associated with the kind of the American cockroach, with the scientific name of “Periplaneta americana“. Matured palmetto bugs are big and have wings for flight, their color is seen to be a dark brown with a creamy-colored anterior segment of the thorax accompanied with dark markings.

These bugs would rather accept soaked surroundings and are easily seen in the sewage system, gutters, trench, woodpiles, and mulch. They normally fly to the lights when dark. this specific action is unsettling for owners of the home who get in contact with the bugs when going into their homes with lights nearby in the evening.

Normally when people discuss the palmetto bug they are talking about the smoky brown cockroach, people living in rural areas have hatred for the palmetto bugs. These strong bugs can live for up to 2 or 3 months without food or water. Palmetto bugs especially the females can live for a year and in some cases longer. To read more on related topic, visit Pestclue.

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