Freescale Innovation Challenge EMEA 2015

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Freescale Innovation Challenge EMEA 2015

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Freescale Innovation Challenge EMEA 2015

The Innovation Challenge EMEA 2015 is a pilot program for a limited number of teams. The Innovation Challenge might be different every year.

Teams enrolled into the Innovation Challenge EMEA 2015 will use a new car kit with 1 motor. The aim of the challenge is to run multiple laps on the Freescale Cup track, the winner is the team that goes the fastest with the least battery consumption. Innovation enrolled teams will participate in the Freescale Cup qualification event as demo cars. A selection of the best Innovation teams might attend the Freescale Cup EMEA Finals. Schedule for the events is listed on The Freescale Cup main page.

Pictures of the timer last lap notification:



A special power meter has been created at Freescale to measure the battery drain. Information about the smart meter is also attached to this document. Please make sure that the connectors between your MCU board and the battery are the Tamiya connectors

More information see the rules and the rest of the information attached in this section.

For any questions regarding this pilot program, please contact me directly


Please, can you provide the type of LED strip (at least the color, intensity and number of diodes) and dimensions of their holder (it seems that it is the triangle shaped support, we would like to know the height of

the triangle and its angle. Reason for this is that we want to build our own to test as close as possible to the racing conditions. Thanks.

Richard, the LED strip that is used is SMD 5050 RGB. It is a commercial premade set, not built specially for this application.

Thanks, please, can you add also dimensions (length of the strip and its height on the other side, more distant from the camera...).

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