serdes Clock in T1040RDB

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serdes Clock in T1040RDB

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Hi to all.

In T1040RM Rev.1  uses PLL1 (table 31-3) for PCIe. But in T1040RDB Rev.0 uses SD_Refclk2_P/N for PCIE and MPEX that connect to PLL2( figure2-2).

I think that in T1040RDB make mistake for serdes clock.

I dont know, use which PLL for PCIe and MPEX.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Both documents are correct.

Please consider two things:

1) according to the Table 31-3 the PCIe controllers use PLL1 and the SerDes Reference clock 1 could be either 100 or 125 MHz.

125 Mhz clock is used on the RDB board as SD1_REF_CLK1.

2) Reference clock provided by a PCIe slot/connector must always be 100 MHz and this is true for the RDB board.