T1040RDB vs T1040QDS

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T1040RDB vs T1040QDS

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Q1- does T1040RDB is a different board than T1040QDS?

Q2 can you provide the all information you have on T1040QDS? RM,user manual, schematics .

Q3 I'm a vxworks user , I have BSP that support T1040 QDS , will it work on T1040RDB

Q4 what is the abbreviation of QDS?

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Some background information to your 3rd question:


The QDS board is a Freescale internal development board. This board can not be purchased!

Somehow Wind River got their hands on them and that's why these QDS BSP's exist but no one outside of Freescale/Wind River can actually use them. Therefore everyone buying a RDB board for use with VxWorks is so far left alone by Wind River.


From what we learned with VxWorks 7 and our T1040RDB board, the QDS board uses a custom FPGA for clock generation, which is not available on the RDB board.

Therefore, check/fix the clock-frequency (platform clock) in the device tree (see below) for T1040RDB Boards.


 * QorIQ clock device tree stub [ controller @ offset 0xe1000 ]



clockgen: clockgen@e1000 {

    compatible = "fsl,t1040-clockgen", "fsl,qoriq-clockgen-2.0";

    clock-frequency = <100000000>;                                                 /* <------ use 100MHz instead of <0> */

    reg = <0xe1000 0x1000>;


This change should make it boot up.


If and when Wind River might start to create BSP's for RDB boards remains to be seen.

It might take some more complaints by other customers.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Have a great day,

A1 The T1040RDB and T1040QDS are quite different boards. See attached block diagrams.

A2 Please consider creating a technical case for the T1040QDS documentation. See How I could create a Service Request?

A3 I think BSP that support T1040QDS will not work on T1040RDB. However it is better to ask the BSP provider.

A4  QDS is abbreviation of QorIQ Development System

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