Real-Time Linux [B4860, T4240, LS1021A, LS2088A]

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Real-Time Linux [B4860, T4240, LS1021A, LS2088A]

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Hi All,

I have wondered about Real-Time Linux [B4860, T4240, LS1021A, LS2088A].

I saw this knowledge in QORIQ SDK 2.0 document -> 2.3 Component -> Linux Kernel Drivers section.

Could you guide more about that? I have test yocto linux for T1024rdb and wonder about real-time linux, I think real-time linux possible with some patches, is it a project with yocto or something like that? How can i load it, in t1024 or for fast test, is it possible in qemu?

Thank you for your consideration and time.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

See the Section 8.4 in SDK 2.0 documentation for PREEMPT_RT Patch in SDK:


See also the Chapter 12 about PREEMPT_RT Real Time Linux in LSDK2012 User Guide:

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