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Working on FXLS8962AF Accelerometer ic interfacing with 16 bit micro xc2321 infineon.

This sensor works on 24 clock pulses . able to transfer data in first 16 pulses . unable to transfer data in the last 8 bits .

Can any one support ?

This IC is connected in SPI (4 Wire)  Mode . Can any one share the code with register settings .


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Sriram,


Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this Infineon’s MCU, but you are correct that both single byte read and write SPI transactions are completed in 24 clock pulses.


So, you need to make sure there is no CS transition between the first 16 bits and the following 8 data bits. Your chip select output will have to be driven manually as a GPO.


Also, if your SPI module only allows to send x * 16 bits of data, you will have to likely implement software SPI using GPIOs to make sure you send out 24 and not 32 bits.


As for the example code, I will send it to you through your case #00306939.


Best regards,



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