What to buy for impedance sensing with NHS3152 ?

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What to buy for impedance sensing with NHS3152 ?

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From the answers from a previous question, the Therapy adherence resistive monitor NHS3152  will be able t use the resistive network sensing-interface to measure impedance using no battery (for either sensor or tag). 

  • Any particluar NFC enabled phone - or is it indifferent ? 
  • Do i need to buy antenna for the tag ? 

This is what i want to acheve  - 

  • Easily connect 2 terminals of resistor sensor with varying resitance to NFC tag
  • Measure resistance using energy harvesting - No battery for either NFC tag or sensor. 
  • Use a phone app to readout measurments
  • If it is not possible to measure resistance without a battery - A battery integrated NFC tag, so that all I have to do is connect the resistor terminals to the NFCtag. (solutions with UHF are also ok) 
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Both the NHS3152THADADK and NHS3152TEMOADK kits can be used.

The NHS3152TEMOADK kit has no switches, you can solder pins or the resistance directly to the board.

The THA kit has switches connected to the analog pins, which they don't need, but can be easily disconnected or even cut off completely.

Both boards have a battery holder, so both passive and active operation can be tested.

For the operation without a battery, the measurement only takes place when the tag is in the NFC field. In the case it is already battery-powered, the difference will be that the measurement will already be done to be read out by phone.

You may implement your custom mobile development according to your needs and the structure of your data.

Hope it helps!



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