MPXHZ6400AC6T1 - Is it suitable for Fuel Pressure Measurement

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MPXHZ6400AC6T1 - Is it suitable for Fuel Pressure Measurement

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Intend to use the MPXHZ6400AC6T1 in an application where it requires to measure fuel pressure which is around 3-3.5 Bar (300-350Kpa). The measurement so quite critical with direct exposure to petrol. Is this capable of handling this media...if not what other alternatives?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Devan,

I actually think that you choose the best Freescale pressure sensor for your application since the MPXHZ6400AC6T1 comes with Media Resistant Gel (the Media Resistant option is the default choice in sensor selection for an application that may call for added protection over the Fluorosilicone gel). However, I would say that even media resistance gel Freescale pressure sensors would not be capable of handling Fuel Media.

When a corrosive is introduced to the sensor that is not compatible, it has the potential to dissolve, or be absorbed by the gel and corrupt the die surface or lead to wire-bond breakage. Some types of media will take longer to corrupt the die than others, so a disposable application is possible. Knowing how to make the sensor last for longetivity with/without media can accelerate or slow down the lifetime of the sensor.

I would like refer you to the application note AN3728: “Media Compatibility for IPS PRT Pressure Sensors” that would be worth to be considered in addition to the provided information.

In this application note at page# 3, you can see that we have tested a couple of media, mainly on parts having media resistant gel, but we cannot give a guarantee about the long term reliability of these devices under these conditions and specifically for Fuel Media, the pressure sensor is likely to have issues.

We normally recommend that if a customer wants to use the Freescale sensor with a different media than “Dry Clean Air”, they must validate the product performance in their application and assume all risk and liability.

I hope you will find this information useful.

Have a great day,
Jose Reyes

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