MPX4250GP - Absolute vs gauge pressure

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MPX4250GP - Absolute vs gauge pressure

Contributor I

Hello guys!

The MPX4250GP is supposed to be a gauge type sensor (i.e. reads pressure above barometric pressure) however I'm confused about its data sheet.

It states it reads 0-250kPa and I would assume firstly this is the reading above barometric pressure.

However, in page 4 of the data sheet (, it says "Figure 4. Output vs Absolute Pressure" and here is where my doubts begin.

If this is a gauge type sensor why the grap/figure 4 says absolute pressure?

Does this sensor actually read 0-250kPa absolute pressure or 0-250kPa above barometric pressure?

Thank you!

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Senior Contributor I

Hello Miguel,

You´re correct, the MPX4240GP is a gauge pressure sensor, please disregard the title of the figure 4 in the datasheet, it should say "Figure 4. Output versus Differential Pressure". I will request our documentation team to fix this, thanks for the heads up!!

Have fun!


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