MMA8451Q motion detecion

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MMA8451Q motion detecion

Contributor III

hi,i want use MMA8451Q to detect move and init it as

bool MMA8451Q_Init(void){

    unsigned char val;

    /* Place the MMA8451Q in sleep mode,ODR 100HZ */
    /* motion detection,enable XYZ */
    /* set threshold */
    /* enable motion dection interrupt */
    /* set interrupt pin */
#if 0
    /* Set on-board Acc sensor range to 8G */
    val = MMA8451Q_ReadReg(0x2A);
    MMA8451Q_WriteReg(0x2A,val | 0x01);
    /* Acc sensor WHO_AM_I check... */
    if (0x1A == MMA8451Q_ReadReg(0x0D)){
        return true;
        return false;


after init ,i read  some of reg and print as follow

Reg addr  <-->  val

Reg 0x09 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x0a <--> 0x00
Reg 0x0b <--> 0x01
Reg 0x0c <--> 0x00
Reg 0x0d <--> 0x1a
Reg 0x0e <--> 0x00
Reg 0x0f <--> 0x00
Reg 0x10 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x11 <--> 0x80
Reg 0x12 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x13 <--> 0x44
Reg 0x14 <--> 0x84
Reg 0x15 <--> 0xd8
Reg 0x16 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x17 <--> 0x08
Reg 0x18 <--> 0x0a
Reg 0x1d <--> 0x00
Reg 0x1e <--> 0x00
Reg 0x1f <--> 0x00
Reg 0x20 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x21 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x22 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x23 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x24 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x25 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x26 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x27 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x28 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x29 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x2a <--> 0x19
Reg 0x2b <--> 0x00
Reg 0x2c <--> 0x00
Reg 0x2d <--> 0x04
Reg 0x2e <--> 0x04
Reg 0x2f <--> 0x00
Reg 0x30 <--> 0x00
Reg 0x31 <--> 0x00

iic work OK,and reg value is right,but i can't recv any interrupt signal from MMA8451Q.

i read reg 0x0C(INT_SOURCE) in a dead loop and print it,it always is 0x00.

can you help me?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Thank you for writing.

In order to configure the MMA8451Q in Motion Detection mode, I suggest using the following configuration:

      unsigned char reg_val = 0;


      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG2, 0x40);        // Reset all registers to POR values


      do    // Wait for the RST bit to clear


              reg_val = I2C_ReadRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG2) & 0x40;

      }while (reg_val);


      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, XYZ_DATA_CFG_REG, 0x02); // +/-8g range

      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG1, 0x18);                 // ODR = 100Hz, Standby mode


      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, FF_MT_CFG_REG, 0x58);       // Motion detection for X and Y axis

      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, FT_MT_THS_REG, 0x08);       // Threshold Setting Value for the Motion detection (0.5g)

      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, FF_MT_COUNT_REG, 0x05);  // Set the debounce counter to 50 ms timer (50ms)


      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG4, 0x04);                // Enable Motion/Freefall Interrupt

      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG5, 0x04);                // Motion/Freefall interrupt routed to INT1 - PTA14


      reg_val = I2C_ReadRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG1);          // Put the device in active mode

      I2C_WriteRegister(MMA845x_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG1, reg_val | 1);



In case you need more details about the Auto-WAKE/SLEEP mode, I recommend the following post:


Please let me know if you have any further question about the code mentioned above.

Best Regards,


Contributor III

it work now ,thank you very much.

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