Fxos8700 is this growing error rate (Accelerometer) ?

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Fxos8700 is this growing error rate (Accelerometer) ?

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according to this table, for roll angle does the margin of error increase by 0.05 at every degree ?

Gyro SpecificationsRange±2000 °/s±2000 °/sFXAS21002
 In-Run Bias Stability< 10 °/hr  
 Linearity< 0.1 % FS±0.5 %FSR 
 Noise Density0.0035 °/s / Hz0.025 dps/√Hz 
 Bandwidth256 Hz256 Hz 
 Alignment Error±0.05 °  
Accelerometer SpecificationsRange±16 g±8FXOS8700
 In-Run Bias Stability< 0.04 mg  
 Linearity< 0.5 % FS±0.5 %FS 
 Noise Density0.14 mg/ Hz<126 μg/√Hz 
 Bandwidth260 Hz200 Hz 
 Alignment Error±0.05 °  
Magnetometer SpecificationsRange±2.5 Gauss±1200 uTFXOS8700
 Linearity< 0.1 %±1 % %FS 
 Noise Density140 μGauss/ Hz< 100 nT/√Hz 
 Bandwidth200 Hz200 Hz 
 Alignment Error±0.05 °  
Pressure Sensor SpecificationsRange10 to 1200 mbar50 to 110 kPaMPL3115
 Resolution0.042 mbar1.5 Pa 
 Accuracy±1.5 mbar±0.4 kPa 
 Error Band±2.5 mbar  
 Bandwidth200 Hz  
Attitude & HeadingRange (Heading/Roll)±180 °±180 ° 
 Range (Pitch)±90 °±90 ° 
 "Static Accuracy
(Heading, Magnetic)"2.0 ° RMS1.21° RMS 
 "Static Accuracy
(Pitch/Roll)"0.5 ° RMS1.21° RMS 
 "Dynamic Accuracy
(Heading, Magnetic)"2.0 ° RMS1.06° RMS 
 "Dynamic Accuracy
(Pitch/Roll)"1.0 ° RMS1.06° RMS 
 Angular Resolution< 0.05 °  
 Repeatability< 0.2°  
 Output Rate (IMU Data)1 kHz  
 Output Rate (Attitude Data)400 Hz  
Individually calibrated for bias, scalefactor, misalignment, & gyro g-sensitivityReal-time magnetic & acceleration disturbance rejectionSupport  
 Adaptive signal filteringSupport  
 Dynamic filter tuningSupport  
 On-board Hard & Soft Iron compensationSupportSupport 
 On-board gyro drift compensationSupport 


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