Easy to Use Evaluation Kit for Pressure Sensors

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Easy to Use Evaluation Kit for Pressure Sensors

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I'm looking for an evaluation board (tool kit) for MPXv72015 series of pressure sensors (for vacuum measurement).

Something as close to how Sensirion does their evaluation kits. Straight forward and easy as I'm new to this field.

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Soody,


The MPXV7025DP is on-chip compensated, calibrated and amplified, so, the sensor output is given in an analog signal that goes from 0.25V to 4.75V (with 5V supply voltage) in linear signal depending on the applied pressure as can be seen in Figure 2 of the datasheet. This analog signal can be entered to an MCU’s ADC to convert the signal to digital interface.

Unfortunately, there is no evaluation board for this pressure sensor, but it is really easy to use as you can see in Figure 3 of the datasheet, you only need a 5V power supply connected to pin 2 (with a 1.0uF and 0.01uF decoupling capacitors), connect pin 3 to GND, and connect a 470pF capacitor on the output pin (Pin 4), the output is given right away without the need of any kind of programming or initialization.


There are some recommendation about how to use this sensors using different mcus, for example, you can find an example using an Arduino uno board in the following link: http://fabacademy.org/2019/labs/bahrain/students/zahra-almukhariq/assignments/week11/




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