Planning for Safety systems?

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Planning for Safety systems?

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Planning for Safety systems?

Some steps for having a plan for safety systems, considering design, integration, testing, and operation:

1. Perform an extensive risk assessment of each device and the whole operating system, using existing records of injuries, to determine the required level of protection for meeting local and national requirements.

2. Determine the safety level required for each device and system based on the risk assessment, considering risk severity and the probability of injury on local and national requirements by doing safety schematics to show how all of the safety elements interact, including the cores as well as all of the interlocking devices.

3. Meet the needs of the safety level working closely with qualified safety managers and risk engineers; integrating the necessary safety devices and measures to upgrade the equipment, by developing a Safety Functional Design Specification (SFDS) detailing the scope of the electrical and mechanical modifications.

4. Craft training modules, including gathered and developed information during the safety assessment process.

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