two questions for S32K344 1) use or not-use RTD 2) Endian

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two questions for S32K344 1) use or not-use RTD 2) Endian

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Hello, NXP experts;

Could you please support me on two questions for S32K344. 

1) Is it a good solution to develop the BSW totally with hand-written code?

RTD is really a good MCAL. As a start-up company, a Vector Davinci or Tresos EB is out of our budget.  Without Autosar tool, the MCAL seems difficult to understand and difficult to configuration.

The team has several years of BSW development based on MPC5642A and MPC5746R, totally by hand-written code to do the processors configuration.

And a small LED-flashing code is accomplished only within 1 ManDay. 

So, which solution is better to develop the BSW,  based on RTD or totally with hand-written code?

2) The memory and bus of S32K344 is little-endian ?

from the UserManual, it is written 'The configuration of the processor is based on little-endian format'


And a test 32-bits is created , its initial value is 0x1234ABCD ,

from the memory view , the storage is little endian.


thanks and BR

Zhou YiChuan


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